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Cars, Trucks and Heavy Equipment

  • Mechanical / Electronic Systems Analysis
  • Northeast U.S. Field Inspections
  • Powertrain Claim Consulting
  • Fire Cause and Origin Analysis
  • Engine and Drivetrain Failure Analysis
  • Fuel Contamination Claims
  • Unintended Acceleration Claims
  • Event Data Recorder Analysis

Inspection Territory

Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Vehicle Failure Analysis - Automotive Forensics

Vehicle Failure Analysis

Insurance Services Provider

Tech Check, Inc., is an Insurance Services Provider and industry leader of vehicle failure analysis and automotive forensics. For over 30 years our renown vehicle systems expert, Steven Bailey, has personally analyzed over 9,000 vehicles related to cause and origin analysis. Collaborating with adjusters and appraisers on garage keeper’s liability claims, garage liability claims, improper workmanship claims, collision claims, manufacturing defects and vehicle fires. Expertly assisting adjusters and appraisers through field inspections in the Northeast, and Powertrain Claim Consulting throughout the United States.

Our impressive group of automotive and trucking technology systems experts only use The Scientific Method to draw final conclusions. Our expert’s extensive backgrounds have the proper combination of vehicle repair experience, formalized education in vehicle systems and decades of experience with cause and origin analysis to create a winning combination. We provide free consultations on any size claim. Call us at: (603) 899-1369.

Free Consultations

(603) 899-1369

We always offer free consultations to insurance adjusters on any type of vehicle claim.  We encourage adjusters to briefly discuss the unique aspects of their claims with an expert at no cost.  Telephone:  (603) 899-1369, M – F, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST.  We often provide discounts on small value vehicle claims.