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About Us | Since 1993, Tech Check has been a New England leader, in the high-tech field of Automotive Forensics and Vehicle Forensics of auto, truck, and heavy equipment systems.  With over 9,000 successful cases handled, on every kind of claim issue, for Auto, Commercial Auto, and GKL type claims, we are known for our tremendous depth of knowledge of modern vehicle and heavy equipment systems.  The reason for our tremendous success is solely because our employees are actual degreed in Automotive Technology or Automotive Engineering.  Compare this to our northeast competitors who rely on weak ASE Certification.

This advantage has allowed our clients far more opportunities of successful subrogation and defense, on a wide array of claim types.  Our rates are highly competitive, and we always provide free consulting for insurance carriers on any size and type of claim.  Based in Southern New Hampshire and centrally located in New England, we are only a few hours away from the farthest of New England regions.  We provide daily field inspections anywhere in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Call for more information (603) 899-1369.

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