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Engine Failure Analysis

Tech Check is considered by many insureds to be the premier company in the Northeast for engine failure analysis of cars, trucks and heavy equipment.  For over 20 years we have excelled at  providing the insurance industry with affordable and superior engine failure analysis services in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Our exceptional reputation has been earned because our engine failure analysis experts are actually degreed in engines, and are former automotive engine professors and manufacturer engine analysts.  Our engine failure analysis experts have analyzed thousands of engines in their career, keenly know every facet of powertrain systems and are exceptionally court qualified.

We are not like most other competitors who rely on either weak ASE Automotive Certifications or having a degree in mechanical engineering.  None of those credentials show a capability to perform failure analysis of engines.  Remember, a person does not magically learn failure analysis of engines by looking at them and guessing what happened.  Experience means nothing in this field if you didn’t get an education in engine failure analysis first.

Engine failure analysis can involve claims of oil starvation, to manufacturing defects, to fuel contamination causes, vandalism and more.  From improper workmanship claims, to fraud detection, or collision losses, we can determine exactly what happened to any vehicle or equipment engine.  No matter what type of engine claim you’re dealing with, our engine failure analysis experts can assist you with any car, truck or piece of heavy equipment.

Free Phone Consultation

Call us at (603) 899-1369 for a free phone consultation on any type of engine claim.  Call us to speak directly to an expert of engine failure analysis.  Our free phone consultation is very helpful to adjusters that need an engine expert they can quickly run claims past, ask a question about how something works and get great technical advice.  Sometimes the free advice we give is enough, and if you need us to quickly go out and see the vehicle you know your getting the best.  Adjusters often call us and want to know if an engine claims even sounds legitimate, or what is the likelihood of the situation.  Tech Check’s experts in a matter of minutes can answer your toughest questions on any claim requiring engine failure analysis.

Engine Analysis Qualifications

What makes Tech Check so unique is the education of our engine failure analysis experts.  Check out our experts like Steven Bailey, who is a former top engine analyst for Chrysler, and a professor of engines at Mount Wachusett College.  He has personally analyzed several thousand engines in his career, and oversees all engine investigations Tech Check performs.

All of our engine failure analysts are degreed in both auto and truck engines.  They have the education in engines to prove everything from manufacturing defects to improper workmanship, improper services, or any type of cause.  With these exceptional qualifications we have handled thousands of engine claims of every type for the insurance industry, and are extremely experienced with insurance claims requiring engine failure analysis.

Unlike most all companies inspecting engines for the insurance or legal communities, our engine experts are actual degreed engine experts.  Our engine experts qualifications are highly unusual, and you find that most engine inspectors are merely using irrelevant ASE Engine Certifications, or other qualifications which having nothing to do with proving why an engine failed.

 Fast and Professional Service

Tech Check’s engine failure analysis service provides a friendly, fast and professional experience.  We recognize the needs of our clients, and understand that most engine claims require fast turn around at an affordable price. We also understand that often a vehicle is at a shop with the engine damaged, and the investigation and report need to be completed quickly.  The insured or claimant also need to be treated in the most professional manner possible.

We typically inspect the vehicle and complete our engine analysis within 48 hours after receiving the assignment, and complete our report within a few business days.  We can also expedite your claim in many instances for a small additional fee.  All of our engine failure analysis reports provide clear concise evidence and, and are yet written in a style so non-engine experts can clearly understand the facts.

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