Engine Failures Analysis Statistics You Wouldn't Expect

ENGINE FAILURE ANALYSIS:  Statistics you wouldn’t expect

Engine Infographics For Insurance Adjusters


Performing engine failure analysis on any car, truck or piece of heavy equipment is an extremely difficult task.  There are hundreds to thousands of possible initial reasons why an engine may fail.  They can fail internally from poor maintenance, a latent factory defect, abuse, excessive wear, improper prior repairs, environmental condition and normal wear.  They can also be damaged by external controlling systems like the engine computer, a faulty electronic component of the engine management system, the cooling system, fuel system, emission system, air intake system, exhaust system and even the transmission.  Any one part within these systems may cause a problem with the engine, and considering there may be more than one cause, the actual quantity of possibilities is in the thousands.

As an insurance adjuster you may occasionally need to handle a claim where there are alleged engine damages from collision, vandalism, improper workmanship or water contamination in the gasoline.  High quality engine failure analysis is what you need.  Obviously, the ones you handle will be presented to you in a way that makes them sound possible and might even seem extremely likely.   Now you might initially believe consulting with an engine expert might not be necessary, but hold up on your level of confidence.  Our Engine Claims Reference Chart will show you at that exact moment whether your likely correct, or if someone is giving you bad information.  You have a bigger chance the information being given to you is incorrect, and the actual cause will allow you to mitigate the claim more fairly and effectively.

Simply look at the four classifications of engine damages.

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